Five Ninths


The Operational Team

Nick Byfield was trained by one of the major accounting firms and qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1991.
Following assignments in tax investigations and a secondment to New Zealand, his country of origin, he left Ernst & Young in 2001. Nick specialised in the life cycle of entrepreneurial business, with particular emphasis on the anatomy of business structure that maximises shareholder value.

Nick has advised on many transactions, both small and large, covering acquisition, merger, sale, and succession. Having co-owned a corporate finance business providing advisory support to mostly entrepreneurial businesses and institutional investors, he stepped down in 2010 to concentrate on his core interest of business structure and function, both as an advisor and also as a non-executive director of five businesses from a variety of sectors.

> The Advisory Team

Five Ninths engages a team of senior executives and leaders who act as the 'conscience' of the operation. They give us great depth and experience and provide valuable, comprehensive and timely advice to support specific assignments, as well as acting as the guardians who ensure that we really 'practice what we preach'. Their commercial, military and academic insights are invaluable - some of their opinion can be seen at 'How we think'.